About Richard

Dignity, Focus, Ethics

I’m a retired newspaper journalist with more than 27 years’ experience as a news writer, editor and reporter with some of the best daily newspapers in the nation. I know about government because I’ve covered it as a journalist!

I was a classroom teacher at Metropolitan State College of Denver, where I taught more than 50 semester courses in journalism, writing and editing. I know about schools because I’ve stood in the classroom and taught important skills!

I was a professional writer for the University of Denver and am a trained paralegal. I know how laws are crafted because I understand how they work!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you in this race?

I’m in it to be a voice for rural counties. I’m in it to give voters a responsible choice. I’m in it because I believe in multi-party politics and am willing to speak out when so many fear to do so.

2. What is this race about?

Does our legislature care more about its own power or about serving the citizens of North Carolina?

3. What is the most important issue in this race?

Public schools. The most important job of the legislature is to pay for education. The measure of its success is not how much it spends, but how well our children are educated. Are you satisfied with the quality of our public schools?

4. What do voters need to do?

Legislators who won’t adopt full-time status, term limits, voter initiative laws or cede their map-making authority to an independent commission need to be replaced by candidates who will.